Next-generation Height Adjustable Desk with complimentary
Integrated Software to Improve Usage and Health Outcomes

Yo-Yo WELLNESS® empowers the user to get more from a standing desk, by adopting best practice habits including. The complementary WELLNESS App allows you to set heights, define goals, set timer prompts, receive nudges & track performance and calorie burn - all from the App that you operate from your laptop or phone (Software agnostic). Perfect for both the offices and home office.

  • Quick Install (5-minutes)Quick Install (5-minutes)
  • Includes Yo-Yo WELLNESS SoftwareIncludes Yo-Yo WELLNESS Software

Why Yo-Yo DESK®?

Yo-Yo DESK® uk's #1 standing desk
UK's #1
Britain's favourite Standing Desk company
Telegraph Newspaper "Best Buy"
Yo-Yo DESK® - free shipping and installation
Free Shipping & InstallationFree Shipping*
All standing desks installed free*On all items, excluding desktops
Yo-Yo DESK® Sustainability Certified
Sustainability Certified
FSC Certified. Electric Cars. Renewable Energy
Eco Supply Chain
Recycled Materials. Recyclable packaging
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50% OFF Mats. £200 OFF if you spend £1,500
Free Shipping & InstallationFree Shipping*
All desks installed free*On all items, excluding desktops
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UK's #1

Britain’s Favourite Standing Desk

1 in every 10 sit-stand desks sold, is a Yo-Yo DESK®


of office workers in Denmark have a Sit-Stand desk

It’s a legal requirement for every office worker

10 Marathons

Convert 2 HOURS of sitting to standing each day

to burn calories equivalent to 10 marathons over a year