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  • Yo-Yo MAT® is made with activeFeetTM technology to reduce fatigue and increase comfort and productivity.
  • Solid, one-piece polyurethane construction and a high-density core that’s guaranteed not to lose support over time
  • Beveled edge design and no-curl edges reduce trip hazard while the non-slip bottom keeps mat in place
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
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Yo-Yo MAT® is an award-winning anti-fatigue standing desk mat designed by experts. It encourages optimal movement whilst standing.

Incorporating our proprietary activeFeetTM technology, Yo-Yo MAT® stimulates foot muscles movement which includes blood circulation and reduces the risk of fatigue and dull ache associated with prolonged standing on hard surfaces.

Please visit Benefits of a Mat, for more information. Move more while standing!

Available in 2 sizes

Colour Black
Warranty 10 Years
Product Dimensions MEDIUM: 77 x 50 x 2cm; LARGE: 92 x 50 x 2cm
Base material 100% polyurethane

Delivery time:

Delivery: 1 - 2 Days

Lead times for larger orders may result in a longer delivery period and these will be advised separately.



If in the unlikely event this item arrives with any faults please inform us within 24 hours of receipt by email and photographic evidence of the damaged item to make a valid claim.

If our initial investigation does not resolve the matter within 48 hours we will collect the faulty item and either refund it or provide you with a replacement.

Product Overview

Yo-Yo MAT boosts blood circulation by encouraging you to move more when standing. This is important for improved posture, higher calorie burn and increasing oxygen flow to the brain.

It is important to avoid prolonged bouts of both sitting and standing. Yo-Yo MAT ActiveFeet technology increases foot movement which will reduce fatigue and avoid any aches from standing.

Health experts advise anyone using a standing desk should use an anti-fatigue mat. Yo-Yo MAT encourages optimal movement when standing at a desk.

High-Tech Durability

Yo-Yo MAT has a high-density core that is guaranteed not to lose support. Unbeatable strength, durability and built to last.

Easy to Clean

Yo-Yo MAT’s surface is highly robust and can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth with a cleaning agent. The bevelled edges ensure that the mat will not curl when the mat is left on the floor.

Non-slip Top and Non-skid bottom

Bevelled edge design with no-curl edges reduces any trip hazard. Non-slip base avoids mat from moving easily. 


Colour Black
Warranty 10 Years
Product Dimensions MEDIUM: 77 x 50 x 2cm; LARGE: 92 x 50 x 2cm
Base material 100% polyurethane
10 Year Warranty


Yo-Yo DESK MAT Guidelines

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Meet the family

How durable are Yo-Yo MAT® solutions?

All the Yo-Yo MAT® models come with a 10-year warranty. Our anti-fatigue mats are extremely durable, as they are built using a high-density core and are designed for heavy usage while you work.

Is the Yo-Yo MAT® heat resistant?

No, the Yo-Yo MAT® is not heat resistant.

What material is the Yo-Yo MAT® made of?

The Yo-Yo MAT® is made of 100% polyurethane.

How thick is the Yo-Yo MAT®?

The thickness of the Yo-Yo MAT® is 2cm.

What is the warranty on the Yo-Yo MAT®?

The Yo-Yo MAT® comes with a 10-year warranty.

What is the difference between Yo-Yo MAT® MINI/MEDIUM/LARGE?

The only difference between the Yo-Yo MAT® MINI/MEDIUM and LARGE is size: MINI: 56 x 46 x 2cm; MEDIUM: 77 x 50 x 2cm; LARGE: 92 x 50 x 2cm

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